We help people realize dreams and needs through innovative financial solutions

Solutions to the bank sector

We work with several of the largest banks in the Nordics, creating marketing platforms ensuring high quality of end users. Data is our back bone and by presenting a relevant offer we ensure satisfied users and a high conversion rate for our partners.

Solutions to financial institutions

Several financial brokers and agents are using our services throughout Europe. Since we provide both loan comparison as well as whitelabel solutions, we have a wide range of commercial and product set-ups, providing the best solutions available.

Solutions to media partners

Affiliate partners and publishers are essential to our portfolio of marketing channels, and for driving successful lead generation for our stakeholders. We provide high quality traffic from our 24 websites and are also open to present new campaigns.


Financial innovation

Centeo Finance Group is founded by passionate online marketeers and digital experts in the financial sector.

We have specialized in delivering highly qualifying customers to banks, brokers and other financial institutions.

In a few years, we have grown to be the leading provider in the Nordics, and we are on our way to introduce our products and solutions in several other European markets.

Our team of experts are specialized in conceptualizing financial products in the markets for loans and credits, in order to support the end user to make the right decision based on information, user friendliness and availability.

By using online consumer behavior analysis and data intelligently, we can optimize our online and offline marketing and ultimately create more relevant offers for our users, ensuring a high conversion rate for our customers.




customers helped every month





+ 9 000 customers every month

7 countries

Based in Denmark

Team of experts

In order to maintain our leading position, we constantly explore the newest tech solutions, and if we can’t find software to support our ideas - we build it.
We are ambitious on our partners and users behalf, and we know that staying ahead demands inventing ourselves every day and challenging the existing ideas.

We have established a full omnichannel media team with experts in Facebook marketing, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Mail Automation and Affiliate Marketing, backed by our internal and external development team.

We also use TV and radio as a means to reach our users.
All our marketing mix is continuously backed up by data
– if we can’t measure it, we can’t improve it.



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